Jafria Association of North America (JANA) is a household name in the community. It has become so in many ways. JANA is the only organization in the North America in which each and every member plays a vital role in the electoral process. This makes the organization very unique and strengthens the institutions accountability and leadership.

Jafria Association of North America is always there for the community both in good times and in bad. To make it easier for the community to get in contact with the organization, Jafria Association of North America has provided a toll free number, 1-800-273-1201.

Jafria Association of North America purchased the Shah-E-Najaf Center in 1991. This was only possible with the help of its members. At that time the Pakistani community, in particular, were labeled as being ‘beggars and trouble makers.’ It was the vision of the President of Jafria Association of North America to buy their own center and run in such a manner that it will not discriminate among racial and/or ethnic grounds.

Seminars are held on a regular basis concerning various socioeconomic issues of the community. Jafria Association of North America holds Majalis, Mehfil-E-Millad, and various other functions to celebrate and commemorate the days of the Masoomeen and important Muslim leaders. Jafria Association of North America holds four Majalis every week in months of Muharram and Safar, not including the twelve day Ashra. In the month of Ramadhan-Ul-Mubarak the center is open every day. A daily program is conducted each day as well as the serving of Iftar and dinner (every program is conducted by an Alim).

The most important day in the Islamic calendar is the day of Ashura. Imam Husain (a.s.), our third Imam, where he saved the religion of Islam from the clutches of Yazid and his supporters. Imam Husain, gave not only his life but the lives of his friends and relatives. To commemorate his sacrifice a procession is taken out every year in New York City (The Muharram Procession) — the largest Shi’a gathering in North America. Jaf’ria Association of North America and its leadership is proud that they are the founders and organizers of such a great event.

One of the organization greatest accomplishment is its unmatched record with any other organization in inviting the highest number of ulema from various parts of the world.

· Ayatullaah Mohammad Husain Mahallati
· Late Hujja-tul-Islam Mahdi Hakim
· Syed Majeed Khui
· Dr. Khalil Tabatabai
· Hujja-tul-Islam Zeeshan Jawadi
· Dr. Kalbe Sadiq
· Allama Aqeel Turabi
· Hujja-tul-Islam Fazil Moosavi
· Hujja-tul-Islam Razi Jaffer
· Hujja-tul-Islam Mudassir Ali Shah
· Hujja-tul-Islam Safi Haider
· Hujja-tul-Islam Aqeel Algharvi
· Hujja-tul-Islam Ethsham Abbas Zaidi

These are just a few from very long list of other respectful ulema. These ulema give lectures and read majalis at the center and have visited the home of the President.

Jafria Association of North America does not get any kind of monetary help from any religious institution here or abroad. Through personal appeals of our president and executive committee to our members and the community at large, the organization solicit funds. Jafria Association of North America has collected enough funds to meet its expenses and pay its loan. The organization are proud of its achievements. Without the support of its members it would not have reached its present position.

Our Resident Alim


Hujjatul Islam Syed Rehan Naqvi

Hujjatul Islam Syed Rehan Naqvi is the resident ‘Alim (scholar) at Shah-E-Najaf Islamic Center. Maulana is originally from Karachi, Pakistan. He graduated from Islamia College (Karachi) with a degree in...