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Pay Your Zakat al-Fitrah

It is obligatory on the individual who is sane, adult (physically mature), and wealthy (whose finances are secure through available assets or continuous income). Zakat al-Fitrah is equivalent of three kilograms (about 6.6 pounds) of a popular food such as rice or wheat (per person).This is a $12 (US Dollar) minimum equivalent per eligible person. For example, a family of 5 would pay US $60.

How to Pay

You may send your Zakat as a check or money order payable to JANA to the following mailing address:

c/o Abutalib Aqueel
81 Pointe Circle South
Coram, NY 11727

Or you can just click on the link below to pay online: (select “Zakat-ul-Fitrah” under payment button for syed or non syed)

Shah-E-Najaf Islamic Center