Jafria Association of North America is proud to announce, the purchase of  100 grave plots at Washington Memorial in Mt Sinai, New York. Graves  will be given free of cost to the community of Long Island and Queens, if they cannot afford the price of the grave, with some restrictions. JANA also  signed a contract with St. James Funeral House for providing all the services currently provided by (Ray) Durmstatd Funeral service for $750.00 .

The price of each grave is $1200.00. It is imperative to pay as soon as possible to get the above price .this price will never be increased and you will be assigned a permanent grave number that will be yours and can be used any time. We encourage brothers and sisters to participate in this project. 

The body can also be washed in Long Island with a  donation of $200.00 (optional). The price of the digging will be funded by the Special Fund Called ” Funeral Fund” by JANA. The grieving family will not be charged a penny for that service.

In order to be eligible for these services you have to become a member of  JANA Funeral services . The membership fee for this will be $300.00 per year.

JANA encourages brothers and sisters to participate in this excellent program called the ” Journey to Heaven.” 

This program is a win win  situation for every one , for those who can afford to donate to this fund, they will get reward from Allah(SWT), those who become member they will get the services at the time of the need and no financial strain when ever the situation arises. those who will get their own plot they will keep the tradition of our imams alive.

You will get a free Islamic will when you become a member or buy a plot. For further information please call or text at 631 375 1113, 1 866 530 5101.

Journey to Heaven Burial Program

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