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Tuesday, 31 January 2012 18:52

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Salaamun 'Alaikum:

We are bringing to your attention a few important facts about the foods and beverages available in super markets and grocery stores. Many of the products contain ingredients that are forbidden in Sharia. Some contain ingredients of obvious origins. The fact that we are what we eat, should be enough to make us aware of the consequences of subjecting our bodies to forbidden products. The following list, which in no way is exhaustive, categorizes only those products which have been investigated.

Bread, Cakes, Muffins, and Biscuits | Cheese/Mozzarella | Yogurt, Creamers, and Frosting | Gums | Dental Products | Soaps, Detergents, and Disinfectants | Cosmetics

Bread, Cakes, Muffins, and Biscuits

EntenmansAll plain cakesVeg. ShortGood
 Layer CakesVeg. Short/GelatinBad
Pepperidge FarmsBreads/CakesVeg. Short/ButterGood
 BiscuitsButter/Veg. ShortGood
 Layer CakesGelatinBad
Huber BakingRoaman MealSoybean OilGood
ArnoldAll BreadsVeg. ShortGood
Drake BakeriesBunsLardBad
NabiscoAlmost All ProductsLardBad
KeeblerAll ProductsVeg. Short/LardBad
Giant FoodsBreadVeg ShortGood
Sunshine Biscuit Co.All ProductsVeg ShortGood
Proctor & GambleDuncan HinesVeg. ShortGood
ITTWonder BreadVeg. ShortGood
 Home PrideVeg. ShortGood
American BakeriesTaysteeVeg. ShortGood



Jay Butter Co.Miller's CheeseVeg. CoagulantGood
Schonling Co.Schnall AmericanVeg. CoagulantGood
 Schnall MuensterVeg. CoagulantGood
 Schnall MozzarellaVeg. CoagulantGood
KraftPhiladelphiaLactic AcidGood
 Whipped Cream CheeseLactic AcidGood
 Neufch AtelLactic AcidGood
Ellio'sCheddarSwine PepsinBad
Quaker CelesteMozzarellaSwine PepsinBad
Framageries BelCheeseCalf RennetBad
ClerfieldNatural Cheese  
 Koscher BlendCalf RennetBad
Purity Co.MuensterVeg. CoagulantGood
 Caraway MuensterVeg. CoagulantGood
 RomanoVeg. CoagulantGood
 ParmesanVeg. CoagulantGood
JenMozzarellaVeg. CoagulantGood
Little ChefMozzarellaVeg. CoagulantGood


Yogurt, Creamers, and Frosting

Colombo Inc.ColomboNo GelatinGood
Penn Maid FoodsNatural YogurtNo GelatinGood
Grand UnionSwiss Style Low  
 Fat YogurtGelatinBad
CumberlandSweet & LowGelatinBad
VentureNew CountryGelatinBad
Topeo AssociatesFood Club Non  
 Dairy creamerVeg. Fat.Good
A&PA & P CreamerVeg. OilGood
General MillsReady to Spread  
 FrostingVeg. Fat/LardBad



Warner LambertChewing gumMineralGood
 ChicletsVegetable BaseGood
 DentyneVegetable BaseGood
Wrigley's Co.Chewing gumVegetable BaseGood
Dynamint Co.DynamintsCandelilia WaxGood
BeechnutChewing GumEsters of Gum (animal origin)Bad
M & M Co.Starbust ChewsGelatinBad


Dental Products

Lever BrothersPepsodentVeg. FatGood
 Close UpVeg. FatGood
 AimVeg. FatGood
Colgate PalmotiveUltrabriteLardBad
 Colgate PasteLardBad
Vicks Chem.Fix A DentVeg. FatGood
Proctor & GambleCrestLardBad
 Gleam IILardBad


Soaps, Detergents, and Disinfectants

Proctor & GambleCastile SoapCoconut OilGood
 IvoryBeef & Pork TallowBad
 CamayBeef & Pork TallowBad
 Safe GuardBeef & Pork TallowBad
 CoastBeef & Pork TallowBad
 ZestBeef & Pork TallowBad
 LavaVeg. FatGood
Lever BrothersLuxBeef TallowBad
 LifebuoyBeef TallowBad
 DoveBeef TallowBad
 CaressBeef TallowBad
Colgate PalmolivePalmoliveBeef & Pork TallowBad
 CashmereBeef & Pork TallowBad
Andrew JergensJergensBeef TallowBad
 WoodburyBeef TallowBad
Armour Dial Inc.DialBeef TallowBad
 ToneBeef TallowBad
 Irish SpringBeef TallowBad
Amway Corp.All Bars SoapsPork TallowBad
Yardley Inc.All SoapsPork TallowBad
RekeachCoconut Kosher SoapBeef / Pork TallowBad
 KitchenCoconut OilGood
 SierreCoconut OilGood
3M Co.Rescue PadsBeef TallowBad
 Brillo PadsLardBad
 Supreme Steel WoolBeef TallowBad
 Dobie Pads BallsBeef TallowBad
Miles Lab.SOS PadsLardBad
 Tuffy Plastic Mesh BallsLardBad
Sodium tallowate and potassium tallowate are salts of tallow derived from pork or any other animals



This is one of the very important categories, particularly to our sisters. Eye shadows, blushons, liquid make ups, lipsticks, etc. all are made up of many different ingredients. Some of them containing chemicals of organic or animal origins, whereas others contain petro chemicals, or synthetic compounds, and some embodied in trade secrets are of doubtful origin.

AvonAlmost all ProductsPetrochemicalsGood
Walla Corp.Balsam ProductsPetrochemicalsGood
Westwood Pharm.Keri LotionSynthetic ChemicalsGood
Cheeseborough PondsVaseline IntensiveLardBad
Johnson ProductsUltrasheen LotionLanolin 

We have tried our best to include all the products that were investigated. However, there are hundreds of thousand products available in this country. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible to include all of them in our research. We advise you simply to read the labels and when in doubt put it out.


Moulana Anwer Ali has compiled this list for us.

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